During the month of July in the year 2023, I was afforded the esteemed privilege of engaging in a clinical clerkship opportunity in the charming French port city of Caen, thanks to the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) program. This immersive educational experience, spanning a full month, provided me with the unique opportunity to delve deeply into the realm of c at the renowned CHU de Caen in Normandie, France. This invaluable exposure has not only enriched my medical knowledge and skill set but has also broadened my perspective, offering profound insights into the intricacies and complexities that define contemporary healthcare practices.

Orthopedic diseases, impacting people of all ages and backgrounds globally, pose a substantial healthcare burden in France as well. Musculoskeletal disorders, including prevalent conditions like osteoarthritis, are a significant contributor to healthcare visits and hospitalizations, reflecting the country’s aging population. The demand for orthopedic care and surgical interventions remains high. Addressing these issues requires a holistic approach encompassing prevention, early diagnosis, and innovative treatments. Collaborative efforts among orthopedic specialists and multidisciplinary healthcare teams are essential for comprehensive patient care and improving quality of life (French Ministry of Health, 2021; The Lancet, 2019).

In conjunction with my observations within the operating theaters, the educational aspect of my clinical clerkship provided a profoundly enlightening experience. A standout moment from this educational journey was a comprehensive lecture delivered by a highly esteemed physician, focusing on topics such as Knee Replacement Surgery and other related diseases and surgical interventions. This lecture not only significantly enriched my comprehension of these pivotal medical conditions but also underscored the hospital’s unwavering commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of ongoing medical education.

My time at CHU de Caen as a clinical clerk has been a defining chapter at CHU de Caen represents a pivotal milestone in my medical voyage. This immersive encounter not only afforded me insights into the realm of orthopedic surgery but also imparted a profound appreciation for the complex issues presented by orthopedic diseases within our society. I am deeply appreciative of the opportunity to study medicine in the heart of Normandie, France.


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